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My Strategies For Success Essay

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Succeeding professionally in life takes dedication, commitment, and understanding that as a professional you must constantly strive to grow. In this paper I will attempt to document my strengths, my challenges, and steps to overcome those challenges. I will also attempt to discuss my strategies for maintaining good physical and mental health.

My Strengths
Over the course of my professional career to date, I have realized that I have multiple strengths that I can be proud of. Some of these I have had throughout the course of my life, others grew as my time in the work-force grew. The first strength that I have is my innate ability to interface with people easily. This aids in many aspects of my professional plan as it assists in customer and client interaction, interoffice cooperation, and ability to lead a group or team. Having the ability to be a personable person makes me approachable, trustable, and easy to converse with.
A second strength that I have is my ability to communicate effectively. This is a skill that I learned from school, however it grew into a strength as I practiced it and honed it throughout my professional career. Being an effective communicator allows one to convey a particular point or emotion with ease, often allowing others to understand more easily. It facilitates in discussion and electronic discourse, and allows for the ability to share information easily.
The third strength that I have is what I would call integrity. I often consider integrity to be a broader term used to describe the ability to be honest, trust-worthy, and open. My belief is having integrity is also an integral part of being a “people-oriented” person. If a person feels they can trust you and that you have integrity, they are more willing to share sensitive information, whether it be a special corporate project for you to work on, or a client interaction.

My Challenges
The difficult part about writing about one’s self is when it comes to identifying challenges. However, after some deep thought on the matter, I feel I have come up with the challenge that affects my professional plans the most. The challenge that has the most impact on my professional life is my time-management skills. While I am almost always able to complete projects, papers, and reports by the due dates, I often find myself finishing projects and papers the day they are due. This is challenging in multiple aspects. At times, the item that is due may appear to feel rushed. While this is not always the case, wrapping things up the day they are due allows for less time to proof and revise if necessary, sometimes allowing mistakes to slide through the cracks. Additionally, waiting on projects can be dangerous as life sometimes has the ability to interrupt plans with its own challenges. While waiting to start a project, one might find themselves sick or injured and unable to complete a project.
A goal for addressing this challenge is to organize my personal life to accommodate for...

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