My Strategy For Creating A School Project

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Last semester, I did the project for Full Body Burden book. This time, for the memoir project, I still have to go through a process of reading and creating the poster, I became better doing an assignments for this project by gaining experience from the past project. During the process, there were challenges, but rewards also came along with it. The course Learning Outcomes has a strong connection with this project. My habit of reading was I used to skip or just skim through long paragraphs in the book. I felt frustrated reading those long paragraphs. I did not have any patience for it. This time, my reading habit is getting better. While reading this memoir, I did not skip any paragraphs. I think because I like the book and my reading skill has improved. For this project, I read a memoir called A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard during the break. There were assignments that go along with the reading like vocabulary, two journals. These activities connect with goal number two and goal number one. Speaking about goal number two, second bulleted line in the course Learning Outcomes; “Students will set purposes and goals for reading, writing, and research” (Mitchell). My purposes of reading the memoir were to understand the story, do the vocabulary assignment and two journals. Since I knew my purposes, during the reading, I analyzed the text, looking for unknown vocabulary words and answers for the questions that needed to have in the journals. I realize that knowing the purposes of the reading will help me focus on important tasks. Goal number one, second bulleted line states: “Students will demonstrate intellectual curiosity and risk taking” (Mitchell). Lots of question came up when I was reading the book. I started predicting the upcoming things would happen in the story and the outcome. I learn that intellectual curiosity in reading can make me be more enthusiastic. The challenge of doing the break homework was writing the journals. I had a hard time to organize my thoughts. I did not know what to put in the journals. The rewards after finishing the assignments are, I know more vocabulary words, have a different perspective about what real life is, and get inspired by the author. Creating the poster for the memoir project was the most difficult task. There were some required elements in the poster that we had to have like book review from a credible source, background facts on the issue and a description of an important scene in the memoir. My group also added an optional element like recommendations for action. Creating the poster activity connects to goal number four and goal number...

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