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Assessment One - Coursework assignmentStudents will be required to write an essay supported with reference to the academic literature that answers the following question:Many companies have honed their competitive edge by adopting the just-in-time philosophy that involves producing goods to meet demand exactly in time, quality and quantity. But such highly-tuned systems leave manufacturers vulnerable to disruptions in any of the many links in their supply chain. Major storms like Hurricane Sandy and other unexpected natural disaster such as Japanese Tsunami have prompted some companies to rethink the popular just-in-time style of doing business.Critically evaluate and analyze the following question:Just in Time, is it still a good strategy?1.0 IntroductionThe historical of Just-in-Time is the first implementation of Toyota's production as a business philosophy that brings the benefit of reducing waste and inventory production, save time and increase the responsiveness and more detail to coordinated workforce and let many companies to restructure the manufacturing strategies. (Thomas et al., 1991) This business philosophy Just-in-Time is initially invented by Toyota in the 1950s. In 1970s, many of the Japanese car industry have implemented this philosophy. (Smith and Flanegin, 2004) Just-in-Time is the kind of manufacturing system which prevailing in the western countries that accepted by many of the industries. (A.Z. Keller et al., 2007) Thus, the Just-in-Time can generally be accepted as removing the waste resources and add the value to supply chain. It will help to cut the cost, quality improvement, increase the flexibility of companies in order to maintain the competitive advantages in the marketplace. (Waters-Fuller, 1995)Benefit of JIT:Eliminate WasteThe seven types of waste should be eliminated by identifying it.First, overproduction. It should not overproducing whenever request needed for the next round in the operation because the waste will consider as wasting of sources.Second, waiting time should be the waste. This is because the equipment and labor require the waiting time. The operator who kept the busy producing WIP will need the time for waiting.Third, the transport. It will not create the value when shifting items with double and triple handling WIP.Four, the process. Process will be the bigger effect of wasting the resources. It may cause by the weak component design and weak maintenance.Five, the inventory. Inventory will be the main effect of wasting the resources, hence, it should investigate the reason of inventory. At last, it can deduct the inventory.Six, the motion. The operator will act busy on work but their value is not being added, hence, it such as the waste source.Finally, defectives. Sometimes, the quality will be wasted in operations. Their cost will be higher than the traditional approach.Method of seven waste elimination:Overproduction: Declining the set-up time, compact layout and improve shopfloor...

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