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My Success Strategies Essay

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Being in my Personal Development class there has been many success strategies from our On Course textbook. These strategies will be carried on in my life as a guide to my very own personal philosophy of success. After careful consideration the four most appropriate On Course success strategies that will be best of use to achieve success will be to discover self-motivation, master self-management, adopt lifelong learning, and accept personal responsibility. Success is everything you make it out to be, it is accomplishments of your own set of goals and dreams you wish to achieve.
One of the three most appropriate On Course success strategies that will be best of use to achieve success for me in years to come is discover self-motivation. Defined by Downing as, “finding purpose in their lives by discovering personally meaningful goals and dreams” (296). Being able to use this strategy will be the key to my future success. Having motivation to do all the work given to me from my classes will keep me at a good grade. Passing my classes is what I need to do to reach my goal. I cannot do this without the fuel given to me by my motivation to finish to hard work and reach my destiny. Without my motivation there will be no desire to finish and accomplish what is really important and meaningful in life, and that is not what I want. A good example I keep in my mind to never repeat is senior year and the lack of motivation I had to finish up my last year. I ended with two C’s and that is very disappointing for me. Keeping this in mind will allow me to not lose motivation and keep thinking of the positive outcome because motivation is everything! Good concept to remembering motivation quoted by Downing, “…one formula explains much about academic motivation: V x E = M” (78). The letter “V” symbolizing value, the letter “E” stands for expectation, and your final result “M” for motivation.
One of the three most appropriate On Course success strategies that will be best of use to achieve success for me in years to come is going to master self-management. Defined by Downing as, “constantly, planning and taking purposeful actions in pursuit of their goals and dreams” (296). This is the definition of self-management in his textbook. Using this strategy in the long run in my life with for sure helps me prevail and to use every opportunity as a steeping stone to further gain accomplishment to my goal. To plan all my actions and not waste time will be a major help in my future so there are no wrong paths taken out of course. One of my short-term goals is stay in quadrant II through all my semesters. Downy states, “Quadrant II actions are important activities done without the pressure of looming deadlines” (114). This is where everyone should be and my success will come from staying in that habit of doing my work early and no procrastinations. If this does not happen I am more likely to fail, the stress of having too much last minute work will be...

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