My Summer Started Out By Sleeping Late, Hanging Out With

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My summer started out by sleeping late, hanging out with friends, and partying at night. Summer was going great, until report cards came out. I failed world history two, my sophomore year. I had only failed the class by two points. I was so angry with myself, because I had to now, ruin my summer and go to summer school.

        When the summer just started to go good, my friends were all back from college, life was good, but I had to go back to school. In my future was a destiny of text books, mean ...view middle of the document...

Slowly my classmates walked in, to my surprise a few of my Wahconah friends were in the class with me. To myself I thought, "maybe this won't be so bad". Time flew by, I became accustomed to quizzes everyday and homework at night; before I knew it, summer school was almost over. Soon I realized that after I got over the dreading of summer school, I had something else to dread finals.

        To my surprise, my hard work had paid off. I had earned a 100 average, I only had to answer 20 out of 80 questions, and that's not so bad. The day came; I was excited, for my summer to start again. Finally, my freedoms were to come back, sleeping in late, hanging out with friends, and going out at night. I finished the final in 20 minuets, approximately 1 minuet per fill in the blank question, good thing I studied. After the final, you were able to leave early to go home, so I got another thing out of the hard work of studying, going home one hour early.

        As it turned out, summer school wasn't so bad, but one word of advice to all those slacking off in school, is don't, because you will enjoy you summer off from school.

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