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My Summer In Hawaii Essay

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Have you ever been to Hawaii? Well I have and it is such a beautiful island I enjoyed my hotel, which was in a city called Waikiki. I saw many tourists there by my hotel and while I was roaming the stores. Mostly the tourists were Vietnamese. Hawaii has a lot of ABC stores, every block, I saw one. Certain places that I went in Hawaii had the aroma of the ocean, which was also a beautiful view. When my dad took my family and I to go snorkeling at the beach down the street I was excited. I saw millions of tadpoles swim right past me like a swarm of bees. I also saw about five or six sea turtles, they weren’t afraid of me but I was definitely scared of them, just because when I looked down, they were almost as big as me. The ocean was an amazing sight to see especially when I saw different colored fish like; blue, silver, yellow, partly red, and even partly black. The fish had wonderful combinations of colors.
My over all vacation lasted two weeks. I stayed eight days in Hawaii and six days in Kona which is just another island. I heard that Hawaiians call Kona the rock island, because at almost all of Kona’s beaches there are rocks everywhere. The six days that I spent in Kona, I stayed in a resort. This time it was across the street from a beach instead of down the street. I saw a lot of kids from the age of four to twenty. Without thinking twice I jumped into a wave and to my surprise a buggy-board slammed right in my stomach. I felt like crying because it hurt so bad. But in no time I was in there again catching the waves, although the pain from the board was still there. When our parents arrived to pick us up, my feet were burning from the hot sun steaming the sandWhen I was in Kona my family and I went parasailing. The guy that was steering the boat welcomed us by shaking our wet hands as we stepped in. My dad brought a camera and took pictures of my mom and my brother. My hands were shaking for an eternity when it was my turn to go next. I felt exited but then again scared. At least I had my sister to go...

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