My Summer Vacation Essay

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I think summer vacation is very important to people all over the world. It gives them the chance for seeing new places, family gathering and have a good time and enjoys their selves.
We use to travel in vacations. This year my family decided to spend our summer vacation in Cairo. I was very happy and I went to pack up my bags to be ready. While packing I was thinking of the new places that I'm going to see, I decided that our first place to visit must be the pyramids. On the fourth day of our trip we visited the great pyramids of Giza at seven o'clock in the morning .Although it was an early time but the place was crowded with people. There was a tourist guide who explained to us the history of the pyramids and told about their legends. The next place we visited was the Nile where you can see people from all over the world standing and watching the longest river in the world. While we were there, young married couples were taking pictures beside the river. The last place we went to was the Cairo tour. It is considered the most preferred place for the tourists. It is higher than the pyramids and it is placed on a part called (Al-Jazerah). From the top of the tour you can see the whole city and the meeting of the two parts of the Nile. We enjoyed the scene from there and spend a wonderful time.
In addition, I thought of meeting people I know living there. They were my friends and relatives. Some of them I called and they came to visit us. But others couldn't come because they were visiting other parts of the country. One of my friends that I couldn't reach was my best friend Sarah. She lives in a near by district. So, one day while I was walking around the area she lives, I decided to go and surprise her with my visit. But the problem was that I couldn't remember the address exactly that's why I can't take a taxi....

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