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My Superhero Essay

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Every person has their own idol, somehow their idol can be considered as their superhero because of several reasons. According to Rosenberg (2010), “superhero means someone who commits only a single heroic act while exhibiting more than normal talents or abilities would not be classified as a superhero”(p. 1). As stated by Rosenberg, that people who has exceptional talents can be considered as superhero. So, superhero is not just a fiction character from comic or anime but it also can be a real person.
Superhero in my opinion is someone who can contributes numerous huge effects and somehow he or she is very influential in my life. This opinion came up 3 years ago when I met my superhero that is my senior in high school. From that sentence, it is obvious that my superhero is not a fiction character. Besides as superhero I consider him as my objective that I should surpass. Then, every people will have his or her own motive in admiring someone. Generally, people admire somebody even he or she is fiction character when people is amazed by what they see. But, what happened to me is really uncommon. I admire him because the first time I saw him was when he was giving command to his team, then somehow I felt like this guy was amazing and possessing a charm as a leader.
When I graduated from junior high school and continued on senior high school, I directly joined his cheerleading teams. It turns out that my feeling about him is not wrong. He is a hard worker, thoughtful, smart, passionate, and attentive person. He never give up on something that he did even it is about school subjects and as the consequence he graduated high school with outstanding score and got one hundred in physic subject. Then, if it came to cheerleading matter he was not only hard worker but also passionate person because no matter what kind of problem that facing team, he did not neglect it and struggled to resolve it. Besides, as a captain he was a tactful and open-minded, whenever s. He also opened my mind and changed my viewpoint that sport is suitable for all people as long as that people is really passionate into that sport, it does not matter whether they are fat or skinny. As my senior, he did not just teach about cheerleader, he wanted his junior has good attitude because as an athlete skill is number two but a good attitude is the most important thing.
Once, he told me about his greatest achievement which is also become his greatest challenge, that was competing in national cheerleading competition. He told me that for 5 minutes performance, his team needed 2 months practice. Besides, it is so hard to get permission from school and each parent because there would be final exam for the 12th grade and also the training will be held every day except Sunday. But, it did not make him gave up,...

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