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My Sweet Litte Princess Essay

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My Sweet Little Princess
It has been my family’s greatest joy since my youngest daughter, Trinity May, came into our lives. She has special qualities that make her stand out. She is a beautiful girl, heartwarming, and clever. She finds chocolate irresistible, appreciates lots of hugs, and she is a "daddy's girl."

May 27th 2009 will always be an incredibly momentous day for our family. Life became much sweeter and more complete, when our adorable princess, Trinity May entered our lives on a gorgeous spring day. She was born with her head covered with a thick soft black fur that had cotton feel. I enjoyed looking into her lovely slight brown eyes and touching her curly thick eyelashes, tracing the curve of her small cute bow lips and her thin little nose. At almost three years of age, her silky smooth brownish black color hair streamed all the way down her back to her mid-thigh.
Trinity May is a very cheerful young girl with a contagious smile. She is full of life and has an uplifting delightful spirit. I remember on one early morning while all of us were all busy, my husband was cooking breakfast, and I was doing the laundry. My other three children were doing their chores and I noticed Trinity was out of my sight. I went to the living room, looking for her but she was not there. Then I proceeded to the family room and glanced outside the window to see if she was in the back-yard playing outside. Finally, I decided to check her room, that’s her favorite place where she can create her imagination. I ambled towards her room and the door slightly open; I peeked in to see what she was doing. She enjoys changing her clothes all the time. I saw her toddle towards her pink and white dresser while she glanced at her glamorous dresses. After that, she looked around and she had a colossal smile or her lips and her eyes sparkled when she saw her favorite princess dress. While putting on her princess dress, her tiara, and her shoes, she looked at herself in the mirror. She was smiling, giggling as if someone was making her laugh. She said, “I’m a beautiful Princess! Yes you are a beautiful Princess!” I was laughing hysterically while going back to the kitchen. We were about to have our breakfast, then I noticed Trinity playing in the family room next to the kitchen. Trinity surprises us with her beautiful soft voice singing a Disney Princess song holding the microphone in her right hand and sang “Have faith in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling thru.” On her left hand, she was holding the hem of her dress while she gracefully danced; she waltzed to the left and to the right. That beautiful morning made our family day a great one to remember. It has taught us that family comes first no matter how busy you are or what life brings.
Trinity May’s vocabulary continues to flourish. I must admit all words sound especially endearing when spoken in her tiny voice. She was the first one who started articulating at the youngest age. One...

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