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My Teacher, Mrs. Hastings's Fight With Cancer

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The bell rang, a first day, a first start for the next 13 years, I would be going to this thing my parents were trying to explain to me. This thing everyone congratulated me for graduating preschool and now moving on. A fresh start, now I had to go away from everything I knew. I really didn’t understand, let alone trying to spell this monstrosity called “school” was a mess. Being that kid that woke up and said “first day of school!” was never me, I was that kid that was a bit scared and a bit petrified. But I remember the day I walked in this thing called a classroom. It was a new room and a new atmosphere, almost a whole new world. But, then all of a sudden this huge giant stood in front of me. Not even realizing what was going to happen or what she was going to say to me. Thinking, maybe I did go to a new world and all of a sudden a giant was towering over me right in front of me, like the new worlds my mom would always read to me at night right before I went to bed. I didn’t know who she was or what she was going to do. All of a sudden, in the most gentle way she went down to my level and said “You must be Alexander? I’m Mrs. Hastings, I’m your kindergarten teacher!” “Now if you want to go sit on that circle carpet over there with your friend...Jacob then I will meet you guys over there.” I was so confused, but I didn’t worry too much like the giant said, I had my best friend on my side.
But as I went through the school year Mrs. Hastings was pretty cool. But trying to impress 5 and 6 year olds well lets just say that isn’t the hardest thing to do. Anyone can do it just throw a few holiday parties and then give out tons of candy and bam you get an Oscar for being the best teacher in the world! Trust me Mrs. Hastings threw the best parties and passed out tons of candy that would make you get the biggest stomach aches. But, Mrs. Hastings could have stopped at throwing candies and parties, but she didn’t, she also was there as a friend. She would help me get back up if I fell and scraped my knee and she was also there as a friend. The biggest time she helped me was when I heard the news I had to go somewhere new to Troy, Missouri. Mrs. Hastings was there for me the whole time, telling me that she was from that area and she knew some of the teachers there. But she told me that everything would go over well and that I will have to come back and see her, or maybe we will see each other in town sometime once I moved up there.
For a while connections with Mrs. Hastings went scarce, till a day in 7th grade.. After talking to her for a few minutes we both had to leave and go our separate ways. But again we didn’t see each other for a while, it wasn’t till 9th grade till I saw her again at Fantastic Sams in Wentzville. She was here to talk about a new haircut, a new way of life, a new look. It was this day she was going to be the Mrs. Hastings that I remembered the “Go get them and conquer” style. When the hairdresser asked what she wanted,...

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