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My Teaching Philosophy For Psychology Essay

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Teacher is not just a person who gives knowledge to others. Being a teacher is a great challenge, because teacher should simultaneously be a tutor, a mentor, and a psychologist who understands the individual needs of every student. Teacher should always organize the working process in way that is the most appropriate for this particular discipline, or for these particular students. Thus, teacher should develop his own concept of teaching; define his goals for students to interrupt with them, and choose the methods to combine all these things in practice.
As for my teaching concept of psychology, it is basically organized around the idea of “free learning”. Saying “learning” I consider this process to be the process of perceiving the knowledge, which person desires to perceive in order to reach his or her personal aims. My teaching strategy is organized around the goals of my students, I give them the information, they are interested in, but not the one I believe they should be interested in. Trough such s type of learning I encourage a life-long learning. Giving to students the good start in their future careers, though providing them with the knowledge they which to learn is the cornerstone of my teaching concept. Thus, a “perfect teaching situation”, as for me, is a situation when teacher gives the student the knowledge, which he/she wants to learn, without any pressure, and the student uses this knowledge as a good start for the future. My role in this process is a “mentor”, I am doing my best to help the student in reaching the aims he/she can rich. Such a situation is “perfect” because I am satisfied to see that my students use the knowledge I gave them in practice, and the students are satisfied with the results of their studying.
As for the goals for my students, I would define one major goal, which helps them to study my subject and can be also useful in their future careers. It is defining the main goals ( in our case, the areas of knowledge) and reaching them with my help. However, defining the main goal is a general task, which includes such strategies as critical thinking (in order to set the right aim) and problem solving (when facing difficulties while learning). So, the main goal for my students, is to define the particular area of psychology, which they need to study at the moment, in order to use in practice in their future work, and my job is to help them by giving the information and strategies for learning. For example, those who want to study the psychological approach to teaching the children from the early childhood, should not only use the information given by me, but also be eager to...

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