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My Teaching Philosophy Revisited Essay

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My teaching philosophy has been strongly influenced by my field experience in the primary grades. It may be necessary to adjust some of these beliefs to fit the needs of the classroom in certain situations, especially if I were teaching one of the intermediate grades. There are five general philosophies that I believe are essential in creating an effective learning environment as an educator: setting clear expectations for students and creating a respectful environment, acting as a facilitator in the classroom, creating relationships with students and their caregivers, and using positive reinforcement. Though there are a plethora of responsibilities that educators have in the classroom, I ...view middle of the document...

I think it is important to teach students how to make “good choices” and act responsibly in and out of school by modeling the positive choices they could make in different situations and explaining why that is the best choice. In doing so, modeling positive choices will increase students’ success in the classroom both academically and socially because they will (hopefully) be making choices that include listening to the teacher and trying their best. Aside from modeling respectful choices in the classroom, I will also model how to properly interact with their peers. Students will know that I expect them to raise their hands to speak, listen to their peers when they are speaking, and remain quiet when it is not their turn to talk. Creating a respectful learning environment will minimize disruptions and allow for more effective academic lessons.
Additionally, I believe that a teacher should act as a facilitator in the classroom. Rather than telling students how they should answer questions, I believe that students learn the most when they arrive at an answer independently. Although providing scaffolding is extremely important, the teacher should act solely as a coach to help students formulate their own responses to questions. In the past, I have observed teachers who end up giving students answers if they struggle to come up with an answer on their own. Ideally, I think that teachers should continue asking questions, rewording the questions if needed, so that the student is able to participate in the thought process of coming to a conclusion on his or her own.
Moreover, I believe that creating a genuine relationship with my students and their caregivers is vital to creating an effective learning environment. Differentiated instruction should be focused on the needs of individual, or small groups, of students. In order to provide sufficient aid to students, it is important to know each student personally. Further, children are often much more responsive to someone who shows that he or she really cares about them. For instance, teachers who ask students how their day was, how they are feeling, what they are doing that weekend, etc. have a much greater chance to form a bond with their students, which will assist them in...

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