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My Tear Essay

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Have you ever been crippled or felt so incapable of something? Has anything felt so empowering that you didn’t know what to do or how to tackle the situation? Have you ever felt so much pain where it seemed like it immobilized your body? Have you ever felt so depressed that you really didn’t know where the source of depression was coming from? These are the questions that come to my mind when I think about each and every tear that ever hits my face. I wonder how many tears are actually hitting my face, how many actually seep into my skin. I wonder if people think the same way that I think or it they sometimes feel the same way that I feel. Many words often loose their connotation. A tear to me is no longer a tear. A tear to me is history. It is the constant reminder of hurt, that sometimes spreads its way through my body.

A tear is pain and memories, a tear is something that can’t be erased, its something that only I see and that most will never see. You can never feel exactly what I feel or understand the way that I heal; you can never truly know why I hurt, so deep inside. See the pain that remains in me comes from the past. My past is the tears that run down my face, the things I feel today. A tear epitomizes everything I feel, the hate until today, the pain that will constantly remain the same.

Sometimes I wonder why I cry or why people cry in general. Sometimes I think that if I never shed a tear, then I will never hurt again. I believe this because every time I cry it brings back memories, mostly bad, and feelings, mostly the...

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