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My Science Paragraphs Essay

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My Science Paragraphs
One of the animals that I have chosen for the first paragraph is the American Elk. I will talk about this animal and the eating habits of the animal. This animal is a secondary consumer so that mean that it eats producers. The elk eats varieties of greens, dried grass, forbs, sand and bark. It eats grasses such as native bluegrasses, rough fescue, Idaho fescue, prairie junegrass, needlegrasses, bluebunch and the primary foods in the summer and spring are slender and thickspike wheatgrasses along with sedges and early forbs. In the summer more forbs and woody browse are consumed by the elk and more dry grasses and browse are consumed in autumn. They do eat a lot but they do prefer grass. Although in the winter the American Elk eats woody vegetation and shrubs like serviceberry, willow, buds of red osier dogwood, antelope bitterbrush, snowberry, mountain mahogany, winterfat, aspen shoots, western juniper and sagebrush. This animals really take advantage of everything they find. However it seems that they eat a mixture of grasses, forbs and shrubs in the winter to make sure that they get the proper intake of nitrogen.
The next animal that I will talk about is the Double Crested Cormorant. This animal is an bird but it is tertiary consumer. So that means that it will eat only other animals. Mostly the bird eats fish like: Walleye, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Lake Trout, Alewife, Gizzard Shad, Yellow Perch, Sculpins, Stickleback and many other fish that live near the surface of Lake Ontario and other bodies of water near the area. They eat the fish that are small (six inches). In a normal day the bird would get their food in shallow water (25 ft) within a few kilometres away from shore. To capture the prey the bird would dive underwater and continue to pursue the pray underwater. The duration of the dive may take 20-25 seconds and sometime they may keep their head in the water so that they can search for their pray. They may keep the fish in their beak then throw it in the air and catch it head first and take it out or sometimes they may just swallow it whole when the pray is difficult.
I have made a food chains together using the list that we made from the animals that we found at our Bluffers Park school trip. But not the pictures (I found them on the interweb).

P.S. Please do notice that I have made the shadows of the sign accordingly to the sunlight picture (sort of). Can you please give me extra marks. Thank you.
For this chain I made I added the sun, a producer: grass, a primary consumer: slug, secondary consumer: white rabbit and a tertiary consumer: coyote. The sun is our planets most strongest and...

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