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Alexander Lopez Lopez 1Mr. HernandezEnglish 1021 September 2014By the Waters of Babylon: Avoiding ApocalypseThe story "By the Waters of Babylon" takes place in both a tribe in a forests and later the remains of what we know was New York. As John, a son of a priest, makes his journey to his limit, he decides to go farther and reach the city of the god to understand more about them. Upon reaching his destination, he finds out that the "gods" were men and were all dead in the debris of their own city. The whole time, although John doesn't know it, there is a greater advantage for an apocalypse to occur in the near future. As he grow more in conflict whether he should explore for more knowledge or not, he is slowly bringing humanity to another great downfall again.Life as a young priest would have been fantastic in the new world, but John felt the thirst for knowledge as he had all these unsolved questions in his mind he could not put his hands on. When he decided it was time to leave and explore, he significantly brought the end of humanity closer to themselves. Everything has its own apocalypse, yes if John had never bothered to explore, the mystery of the gods would have been kept out of the question for a longer period, until civilization would have grown more intelligent and rewritten history itself. As John's expedition begins, so does the new age for the apocalypse.As John heads east, he starts to see the distinct ways of the gods, like their roads and stone works, he's getting close. He understand his culture compared with theirs and also theirLopez 2Differences. Once he gets to his last point of safe, he feels unsatisfied. He hasn't solved it all, he hungers for more. He feels he should go back but knows he...

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