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Organizing Wesleyan's Postion Of Inquiries And My Panorama Theology

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My Theology II
I do not believe that my theology has changed very much on the contrary it has fortified even more. It is interesting about the Wesleyan’s position of theology among the other queries.. Wesleyan’s position of the inquiries of theology, nature or essence of God, sin, Jesus Christ, Salvation and Grace. In this paper, I will try to organize Wesleyan’s position of inquiries and my panorama theology.
Wesleyan position
Wesleyan believes that people who are created new in Christ are referred to as to be holy in character and conduct, and might solely live this fashion by being stuffed with the Lord's Spirit. Wesleyans has a tendency to believe the Bible and its sufficiency to determine their religion and conduct. Wesleyans has a tendency to believe God wills for individuals all over to grasp Him and be created new in Christ. Wesleyan has a tendency to believe that the purpose of the Church is to glorify God in spirit and, truth and to achieve a disabled and sinful world with the gospel of Jesus Christ through its prayer, eyewitness, and romantic deeds (The Wesleyan Church, n.d.).
Nature or Essence of God
Wesleyan believes within the one living and true God, each holy and loving, eternal, infinite in power, wisdom and virtue, the Creator plus Preserver of all things. Wesleyan believes that God, our father, is the foundation of all that exists, either of matter or spirit. With the Son and also the Holy Ghost, He created man, male and feminine, in His likeness. By purpose, He relates to individuals as Father, by way of forever proclaiming His goodwill toward them. In love, He one by one solicits and receives penitent sinners (The Wesleyan Church, n.d.).
The Inspiration of the Bible
Wesleyans believe that the books of the old and New Testaments represent the Holy Scriptures. They are the impressed and infallible word of God, completely unerring in their initial manuscripts and superior to the entire human authority, and are transferred to the current while not degradation of any fundamental philosophical system. Wesleyans believe that they contain all things essential to salvation; in order that no matter is not browse in that, nor could also be well-tried thereby, is not to be needed of any man or girl that it ought to be believed as a piece of literature of religion, or be thought imperative or prerequisite to salvation. Each within the old and New Testaments life is achievable ultimately through Christ who is the solely intercessor between God and humanity. The testament teaches Christians the way to fulfill the ethical principles of the will, business for admiring obedience to God created attainable by the inward presence of His Holy Spirit (The Wesleyan Church, n.d.).
What is sin?
Wesleyans believe that the humanity is the creation within the image of God enclosed ability to settle on between right and wrong. Therefore, people were created virtuously answerable for their selections. However since the autumn of Adam,...

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