My Thoughts On Election 2000 Essay

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My Thoughts on Election 2000

Doesn't all this election business make you wonder what George, you know, that fine man on our $1 bill, would think of the show- all of today's political flash? Do you ever wonder what our first Presidents would think of the last several Presidents? Do you really think that Mr. Lincoln or Mr. Jefferson would appreciate or enjoy sitting down and eating with them at a barbecue, or really approve of any of them? I doubt it very much. Today's "presidential material" seems to be suffering from the same disorder that the political parties running them for office are subject to. In addition, what is that disorder? I am not quite sure what to name it, but in my humble opinion, it is not very American. Considering the situation of Elections 2000, I say we vote for Nobody for president. If you were afraid that your vote would not count, it would not have counted anyway. Political Leaders take your vote for granted anyway. For once, the Political Parties would actually have some competition. Now you are going to wonder about what moron would actually take this concept seriously. For your information, a lot of people already support this concept by filling in "None of the above" on all ballots at every level of electoral politics, where it belongs. Why, do you ask? In an attempt to keep politics and politicians in an honest state. Now there is a nearly impossible task! Politics is the ultimate proof that not only does the cream rise to the top; the scum does as well. To clean up politics is such a feat that nobody besides "nobody" could ever achieve. If "None of the above" was added to the ballot, I would be willing to bet that nobody would win the election hands down because adding a "None of the above" would finally give politicians some real competition. It would fully improve the workings of the United States democracy. It would provide the United States an opportunity to test, prove, and improve the government at hand. So, who do YOU think would have won the 2000 elections if "None of the above" had been on the ballot? Gore? Bush? My guess is that more people would have come out to support democracy and voted for NOBODY. Like it or not, this would be true democracy in action. Considering what I am saying some would think that I am not taking the elections very seriously. However, when you have a selection of poor candidates trickle all the way down to George W. Bush, do you have any other choice but speak out against the business suits that run our country? Have you noticed that pretty much all we have had to choose from for a good while now, is lineup after lineup of cheap politicians? Of course that is one of the defining features of the era we live in, isn't it? Politics now a day is either cheap or expensive....

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