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My Thoughts On The Outsiders Essay

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My Thoughts on "The Outsiders"
Tariq West

Who are the outsiders?

The outsiders are people who live on the fringes of society. They have different social and cultural preferences than the insiders such as their long hair. The insiders are society's core within one city. They are the more economically privileged of the two groups and have more common and accepted customs. The outsiders who are less economically privileged live on the fringes of society both metaphorically and literally. They live in somewhat of an urban slum and have "outlandish" customs. The outsiders, for the most part, are proud of their different-ness that scares and infuriates the insider core.

What is life like as a greaser?
What is life like as a soc?
Which would you rather be?

Life as a soc is full of freedom and privilege. A soc lives without real consequences to their actions because their affluent parents pick up the slack for their failures and shortcomings. Life as a soc although glorious and great on the surface is without true achievement and full of cowardice and lonesomeness.

Life as a greaser is meager and uncertain. Most greasers go through life recklessly with no perspective future but they enjoy life for what it's worth. Life as greaser angers one constantly because of the oppression and rejection of one by society, however, life as a greaser is full of pride and adventure. Life as a greaser is in essence a shell of anger, fear, violence and hatred covering a body of talent, love, and tenderness.


        I would prefer life as a greaser because even though I would be disadvantaged socially economically and politically, I would be more in touch with concepts such as brotherhood, responsibility, love and survival. These are things that the socs, in all their glory, fail to acknowledge and live by.

What is a strong character?
Is Johnny a weak character?

A strong character is someone who can inspire, scare, excite, attract, repel and compel other characters into action or inaction. A strong character is someone who has a great impact on those around him and influences how they think and act someone who can bring people together or tear people apart.

At first glance, Johnny doesn't seem to be a strong character. Weak, self conscious and afraid he relies on others for support. If you take a closer look at him you see that not only does he bring people together and compel people to act, his thoughts, although rarely voiced, influence everyone he comes in contact with. So I conclude that Johnny is not a weak character.

What are the problems between socs & greasers?

The problems between the socs and the greasers are:
The greasers are...

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