My Time At Boarding School Essay

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My Time at Boarding School

At the beginning of year six, when I was ten, my mum brought up the
subject of secondary school and I realised that, after that year, I
would have to leave the school and people I had known for many years.
I knew I would have to leave my friends, because they were all going
to the local comprehensive school, and as my brother was at a private
school, I would have to go to one too. I had a choice. I could go to
Dauntsey's school, the same as my brother, but I would have had to
wear the horrible brown uniform. Therefore, I went to Bruton School
for Girls. A private Girl's school in Somerset. I did not particularly
like that uniform, but if I was to go, I would be a boarder and that
was what made me want to go, more than anything.

I remember getting my green, tartan kilt and my green woolly jumper,
my white shirts and socks and my black tights. Tights were to be worn
in the winter and socks were to be worn in the summer.

I remember when the day finally came. I was excited, but very, very
nervous. We went up the drive and I was left downstairs with my
suitcase and instructions not to move and to keep an eye on my mum's
handbag while she went to look for the boarding house. She disappeared
up some stairs and came down two minutes later, telling me to go with
her. I dragged my big red suitcase up the stairs. I still remember the
smells and sights. There was a huge picture of a sad clown on the
staircase, which was quite scary, but I instantly liked it. At the top
of the stairs was a corridor, with a door to the left and a door to
the right. I knew that we had to go through the door on the right
because a tiny, thin woman with short grey hair was stood holding the
door open.

"Hello, I'm Miss Dale or DD for short, so if you ever hear anybody
talking about Miss DD, it's usually me." She politely informed me. She
asked me my name and pointed to a door opposite the door we were stood
at and told me that I was going to live in there for the next year. I
thanked her and carried on dragging my suitcase.

When we got in, I was so nervous. A small staircase that led up into a
little room that looked out onto the downstairs impressed me. I chose
a bed and wondered who would live in the two other beds up there.
Everybody had a small, uncomfortable bed, a chest of draws, with three
draws; the top drawer had a lock on, and a small narrow wardrobe. My
mum unpacked all my stuff, while I watched the other four girls
unpack. A Chinese girl was talking to a girl with bushy black hair,
and there was a very pretty girl arguing with her mum and dad about
her poster that had a cat hanging off a branch and a rude word written
on it. The other girl seemed to know the girl with the rude poster
because she kept talking to her every now and again. It was
surprisingly noisy,...

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