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My Traditions Essay

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There are many traditions in my family that we take part in. Some are sports such as baseball, basketball and football. others are holiday traditions such as Christmas and the Fourth of July. Many people have traditions that have been passed down from their ancestors but some traditions are what they have created as a family. I have lots of each of these but a few that I have chosen are Christmas traditions like Christmas trees and stockings. Others are baseball or the fourth of July. We all have traditions we love doing and many we all share with each other.

First I will talk about baseball. Baseball is said to be the national pastime of America. Baseball dates back all the way to ...view middle of the document...

When this ended and the men came back this sport became softball that the women would play while the men went back to playing baseball. a little bit after the war ended there was a baseball player name Jackie Robinson. he was the first black man to play professional baseball with other white men. everybody hated him and wanted to get him out but little did they know he would revolutionize the sport.

Like baseball, Basketball is a beloved american sport. Although it was made in the U.S.A. it was made by a Canadian doctor James Naismith. The sport goes even further back than this though. It was about 500 years ago and the Mexican Aztecs and Mayan people would play a similar sport where instead of a basketball they would use a decapitated skull of their defeated foes. the first basketball game that we play and know was on January 20th 1892. James Naismith made the sport for YMCA to play when it was cold in the winter. they would use two peach baskets on each side of the court. Some of the original rules were changes such as in the original sport they could not bounce the ball. there were originally 13 rules 9 of which have been modified and the rest have been disregarded. The first game consisted of 18 players with nine players to a team. They would use a soccer ball because the YMCA did not have the money to buy a ball. The first competitive leagues were all local games accept some times they would travel to play other teams. Now people all over the world play Basketball because it is easy you do not need equipment accept a hoop and a ball.

Football often mixed with futbol is a true American sport. It is a brake off of rugby football

The fourth of July is a very prominent holiday in the U.S.because it is the celebration of the birth of the country. It came on July 4th 1776 when the government signed the declaration of independence from Britain. it became a holiday in 1783 when the war ended and people wanted to celebrate. it replaced Bostons patriotic holiday of the Boston massacre on March 5. The U.S. citizens would celebrate with historical pageants, picnics, baseball games, watermelon-eating contests, and trips to the beach. Common foods include hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, apple pie, Cole slaw, and sometimes clambakes. John Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence and is known for his signature being the largest. The Declaration of Independence became one of the most admired and copied political document of all time. many countries try to copy the United States Declaration seeing the great success we have benefited from it. the declaration was written by Thomas...

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