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My Trip To The St. Louis Art Museum

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The St. Louis Art Museum is one of the United States most renowned art museums that is located in our very own St. Louis. It has over 30,000 pieces of exquisite art that I had the privilege to witness. While there, I mainly examined the art pieces that were modern art, since that is of what I have a good working knowledge. There is a wide range of art that I also got to witness including the sculptures and the museum itself. In the past year, they have recently installed a new sector of their establishment that has done nothing less than enhance the entire museum’s overall beauty. The St. Louis Art Museum, there are many beautiful works, but there were three special projects that caught my ...view middle of the document...

It was made in 1939 and it is a product of oil on canvas. I like how each acrobat featured in the painting looks busy with his or her own select art. The modern art at the SLAM was almost overwhelming in its displays. I don’t know what it was about these exhibits that I struck a particular like to. Since both of them were made by Germans, I can only assume that the German works at the museum managed to grab my full undivided attention.
Another aspect of the Art Museum that peaked my interest was the sections concerning American art. This art hit close to home with me due to no one really giving the United States that much appreciation in art. American art began around the late 1800s and the early 1900s. My first piece of American Art that I liked when I went to the St. Louis Art Museum was the painting “Lawd, Mah Man's Leavin'” which was made in 1940 by Archibald J. Motley Jr. He also made this painting using oil on canvas. When I first saw this painting I was drawn to it by its use of vibrant blues. Also the woman in the painting, distressed because her husband’s leaving, has deep sorrowful emotion conveyed on her face. We can also assume that the man laying down in the deep background he has also been affected by the departure of her husband. Another American art piece that I thought was pretty cool was the painting titled “California Redwoods” made in 1872. This piece was made by Albert Bierstadt. Oddly enough, he was an American painter who was also born in Germany. This art piece was different from the previous ones as it was made with oil on paper followed by it being mounted on a canvas, not just simply oil on canvas. What I liked the most about this particular was its wholesomeness. It looks so simple that by looking at it you think you can replicate although you know that you can not. It makes one feel at peace,...

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