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My Trip To The Country Essay

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I came all the way to the countryside on a five-hour ferry-ship along the Yangzi River and then a three-mile walk. Here in the countryside, it is like someone laid a green blanket around the whole entire village. There are also lots ponds and streams, and today, the pond water is sparkling with the afternoon sunlight. This is nothing like the city, where I live, because in the city the streets were always bustling with people, cars, buses, and bikes rushing to work. Here, it is much less crowded than in the city and sometimes people even have oxen with them if they have heavy wagons. Not every family has an ox, usually a village has a couple of them for everyone to share. I was really excited when my mom announced one day that we were going to the countryside to see my grandma and visit my uncle’s family. The real reason that I was excited to go there was because in the countryside people plant their own food, so food isn't as scarce as in the city. In the city I live in, Anqing, we need to wait in long lines to buy almost everything. In the countryside I get to eat lots of fruits and vegetables that I don’t get to eat in the city. In the city, fruits are a rare treat, because there aren't so many.
Sunlight danced across the field, the sunflowers stretched their leaves up towards the sky, as if they were trying to feel the sun’s warmth upon themselves. I scanned the fields for any fruits or vegetables that were rare in the city and my eyes rested upon some plants, about three feet tall, sticking out from the ground. I looked closer and realized that the little green things hanging on the plants were little green peaches,or what I thought were peaches at that time.
The green peach-like shapes were clinging to the branch, waiting patiently for someone to pick it off and eat it. Some of them had already fallen on to the ground, what a waste! The little green peaches swayed in the wind, as if trying to get my attention to come rescue it from the prison of the branch and eat it. I couldn't resist the urge any longer, I spied a good 'peach' and grabbed it off the branch and was about to eat it. Just then, I heard a farmer shout out to me few yards away, I couldn't make out what he was saying though, so I bit into the peach. I expected the sweet savoring taste with some juice dribbling down my chin, but instead I...

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