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It was a Saturday afternoon as I was sitting on the chair of my front porch. Upon looking at some old photographs that my mother handed to me, I began to recall the good memories of me as a child and of my twin sister. The photographs gave me such amazement, that my heart began to beat incessantly, my face bloomed sprightly, and gently I made a big smile. It then turned to my attention, the aroma of steak being grilled through my neighbor’s lawn, kids on the street playing, beats of music from people’s stereos banging-it seemed like summer was nearly here. I hate to admit, but until this very day my twin has been my best friend. She is the other piece of me, and without my other piece, I wouldn’t be a whole. I was like a duck who couldn’t find her way home without her mother. Me and my twin are not only identical in appearance, but with our interests and aspirations as well. We both love doing the same things, and we truly get along really well, but there are times I get disappointed.
I started off slow during Grade School days. Every third week of the month, we would get our report card on updates of our progress in school. As usual, my sister would impress mom and dad with straight A’s and B’s. Although, I never excelled than my sister, I never thought of my sister as a competition, but I knew I had to step up to the plate, and show my parents I am good at something. I began to deal with such confusion on how I would just give up, and not try to overcome my self confidence. Instead of having the courage to stand up for myself, I would easily beat myself up, during times when I’m being blamed, for mistakes I didn’t do. My sister would always get credit for every small thing she did, and I wanted to show my parents I could do the same. I knew I was living in my sister’s shadow, but I knew to get out of it, I had to do something. Everywhere I went, I would always be compared by my parents on: who was smarter, who had the better attitude, or who performed the best at school. I felt doleful all the time, when I am always compared and reprimanded. They never saw the good side of me and the things I’m good at.
Being in the shadow of my twin sister is not easy. Not only because I used to belittle myself, but I would always be compared to my sister, and with some little mistake I would always be the one to take the blame.
When I was younger, I never knew my twin would be so close to me. People never realize how great it is to have a twin, because you not only have someone who can
understand what you’re going through, but someone who can experience the exact feelings as you do. We share almost everything. Often times, we can read each other's minds, finish off each other's sentences, and pretty much end up buying the same clothes. Sometimes, my sister and I will end up with the same thoughts or ideas. Although, there are times we don’t always agree on some terms,...

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