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What do you want to be when you grow up? Is one of the many questions that are asked by teachers and adults. Through the research and development of this paper, I feel that I am finally prepared to answer that question. College has always been in my plans but which college? Well, I have it narrowed down to three excellent and well -known colleges. Ohio University of Athens, The Ohio State University of Columbus and Miami University are the colleges that I feel would foremost prepare me to become an athletic trainer.
My first college choice is Ohio University of Athens; I think that Ohio University is a prominent university. Also, I like the rural location of the college. This college provides the classes I need to pursue my career in athletic training. There are many things to consider when considering what college to attend. College can be costly when it comes to tuition. Tuition of Ohio University is $10,380 per semester ( number of people that attend one college is important information as well. According to Ohio University Fact Book there are 21,724 students enrolled at Ohio University (p.3).There are 280 undergraduate majors offered at Ohio University (Ohio University Fact Book p.3).ACT scores are a big part of deciding whether or not you can get into a college. The recommended score for Ohio university averages between 21-26 ( is a large part of college and luckily many colleges offer scholarships and financial aid. Ohio University has a variety of scholarships that are offered, among these are the Ohio Signature Awards for first year students, also scholarships for current students ( aid is also needed by many especially me, Ohio university offers student loans, parent loans (PLUS), grants and student work I love being active and involved in activities, especially sports, and one amazing thing offered are the extracurricular of Ohio university. Intramural sports are offered at Ohio University and these can range from many different activities, the one that interests me most is of course basketball. I think that I could go far and really prosper at Ohio University, and I would love to become an OU Bobcat.
The Ohio State University (OSU) is my second college choice. Being a Buckeye has been a dream of mine since I knew what college was, but with the research I have done, I do not like the size or location of the college, however OSU does offer a really good athletic training program and that's what interests me most about the college. College is not cheap or easy but it is doable. Tuition for OSU is $11,285 per semester ( With a larger college there is going to be a larger enrollment number. According to ( there is an average of 50,000 students enrolled at OSU. Having a large variety of choices in majors is convenient. A total of 175 majors are offered at OSU ( recommended ACT score ranges from 26-30 ( Scholarships and financial aid are...

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