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My Use Of Anabolic Steroids Essay

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Dusan Sparavalo
Dr. Wehtje
ENGL 223-C

Intro Draft
  Somebody would wonder, why people take steroids. Well, there is no easy answer to this question. I personally had experience with people that have took or are still taking steroids, and I was really close to start taking them myself. My whole life I was tall and skinny, and because of this nobody took me serious in any sport that I played. I was always told that I have to gain weight, but nobody would try to help me. During my freshman year in college, I knew that I need to gain weight at all cost so that I could continue to compete on the college level. I started to work out every day, I was on 4000-5000 calorie diet. I used every single NCAA legal substance for mass gaining, but it didn’t work. I would not gain a pound. I started to do research on the steroids and the use. I didn’t even thought about side-effects. I just wanted to get bigger and stronger so that I can compete with athletes that were on higher level than I was. I talked with one of my teachers about it, and he recommended me not to do it. He told me how he was taking steroids when he was younger and that he still feels some side-effects. After some time, he even told me that he would help me if I decide to take them, but he told me to think about it again before I do it. And so I did. Eventually common sense kicked into my head and I decided that for it is better for me and my future not to use anabolic steroids.
  This is just one reason for people to use steroids. There is plenty of people who use it to get “buffed” and to look good. Majority of these people have no clue about side-effects until it is too late. In this paper I will talk about history of the steroids, usage in sports and medicine, psychological drive and addiction, and about possible substitutes for them.
Anabolic steroids are synthetically made to have similar effect as testosterone in the body. First anabolic steroids was made in the early 1930s and it was used for therapeutic purposes in medicine. Doctors were using it to stimulate bone growth and to treat cancer and AIDS. It is also used to simulate bone marrow, for growth simulation, male contraception, hormone replacement, gender identity disorder, etc. Although they are used in medicine, anabolic steroids have long list of side-effects. People who are taking steroids can experience cardiovascular issues, growth defects, feminization, physiological issues, depression and suicide, kidney problems, liver problems, etc. One of the recent tragedies involving steroid abuse was in 2006 in Sweden, when a man killed 12 year old girl and raped her 13 year old friend. Then in 2007, Chris Benoit, WWE wrestler, killed his wife, 7 years old son and committed suicide in two day span, which lead a federal investigation into steroid abuse in professional wrestling.
There is handful of people who thinks that steroids are not harmful. One of those people is Norman Fost, who is professor of pediatric medicine...

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