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My Version Of The Inferno! (A Version Like Dante's Inferno)

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It was the bright clear day of Saturday when the helicopter of my escape arrived on the small island. What was I exactly running from? I was just so sick of how evil the world turned and the ideals which it thrust upon every human soul. My depression and the evils of the world drove me to this island to find myself. This island is known as Alcatraz, located east of the Philippines. I thought it was the perfect resource to escape the influence of men. The island when I arrived was not lushes and green. The outer rink where I landed was a beach with not tan but rather cement color sand. I decided to explore the dried coconut trees that made up the rest of the island. The trees were particularly tall with leaves of brown and no fruit. The ground was rather rocky with large gaps. As I drew closer to the center of the island the light source astonishingly disappeared. It gave me thoughts of turning back but my human interest just drove me further. The lack of light maybe the reason why the trees are so dry and parched.
I took two steps further only to fall into a ditch that I could hardly make out. I tried to move my legs but I began to sink as I resisted. It struck me immediately that I was in quick sand. I stopped my fluttering and resisted no more but still I sank deeper. I did not die as my brain feared but I descended into a level lower than the quicksand. I began to fall but it was more like gliding. I soon landed on my feet. I took three steps forward to explore the fortress and it felt like I was walking on air. In fact the fortress was on a substance with no resemblance to the three matters solid, liquid and gas. There were three gates; two of them were occupied by long lines of people. I looked to join one of the lines but a man in a white cloak stepped in front of me and said "Your path lies elsewhere."
I followed the man to the third door and I said before entering "Where are you taking me, can you at least tell me of your identity."
"I must guide you through hell and back to the surface because your time has not yet been decided." After hearing his deep and monotone words I simply followed him through the third gate. The man was wearing a cloak of the brightest white so I felt a responsibility to trust his words. I tried to stare at his face but it was hidden in his cloak.
Upon entering the door I saw a vast building. It was only five floors high but the length of it continued beyond my vision. The walls of the fortress surrounded the building and it was in a dry shade of black. Even the atmosphere around the building was gloomy much like a rainy day. The closer my guide and I reached the door the more screams and howls that could be heard. I could only imagine what was happening inside. So out of fear I stopped in my tracks and said "I demand you to tell me who you are and what this world you are blindly leading me to is.
He said "I see you will be a stubborn one. I am Albert Einstein and this is hell where souls are tortured for their...

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