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Our First Time in MontereyTitle
My family always takes an annual vacation, and it is a very special time for us. We have stayed in a condo in Ocean City, Maryland, and in a gorgeous lakefront cabin in Deep Creek Lake. We spent a glorious week in Duck, North Carolina, at a four-generation family reunion. I remember these vacations fondly, for they remind me of my children when they were little and of the family and friends we have visited. While we were planning our annual vacation in 1986, we decided to fly to California to visit my husband's parents. The scenic coastline, the wildlife, and the aquarium of Monterey, California, made our first trip there our most memorable.This sentence was the blueprint thesis statement.
As we first drove into Monterey from San Francisco, we could see the picturesque harbor and the Pacific Ocean.This sentence is the topic sentence for first subsection. There was a marina filled with boats of all kinds. There were fancy, polished sailboats whose crisp, white sails were ready to be unfurled to catch the next breeze. Tied in their berths, large, expensive yachts rocked slowly on the waves, waiting for their rich owners to take them out for a trip. There were also dirty, beat-up working vessels, equipped with fish nets, hooks, buoys, and everything else needed to bring in a big load of fish. Even row boats, canoes, and a glass-bottom tourists' boat had found a home there.Notice the visual images included. All of the boats were reflected in the clear, turquoise blue water of the harbor. Beyond the bay, the Pacific beckoned us with its deep cerulean waves topped with white, foamy caps. We could see the swells coming into the mouth of the bay, causing the boats in the harbor to rock, and then going back out to sea. As we drove along the shoreline, we could hear the noisy barking of sea lions and the squawking of birds.Notice the sound images presented here. We had to park the car and investigate these alien sounds.
We pulled onto the side of the road and tiredly crawled out of the car. It had been a very long day, but our curiosity was piqued. As we looked out at the harbor, we could see animals and birds everywhere!This is the topic sentence for the second body paragraph. Fat, lumpy, sepia brown sea lions covered all sorts of horizontal surfaces; they were on rocks, boats, buoys, and docks. They honked at each other with their deep, throaty voices.Sound image. Smaller black harbor seals swam playfully Notice the action verbs while searching for fish that were visible through the clear water. We could see sea otters, furry, fluffy balls, floating in the kelp Again notice the action verbs, eating abalone. They held the shellfish on their stomachs and skillfully broke them open, using rocks or empty shells as tools. Sea gulls cried overhead, as if begging the seals and otters for a taste of their dinners. As the sun began to set, a flock of pelicans flew along the horizon, slow, lumbering, ancient-looking creatures in...

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