My Very Own Buffy Script Dealing With The Idea Of An 'alien Being' Isolation And Unacceptance.

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Buffy Script

·Buffy Summers
·Jeremy Reed (Powder)
·Mr Snyder (Principal Schneider)
·Also numerous vampires


Buffy is still isolated from her peers - she understands that she will never be fully accepted because of her secret duty as the vampire slayer. As she carries out a 'normal' school day after a long night out hunting vampires, As she endures cruel stares and peoples whispers she notices in the distance an odd looking boy being pushed around by some school bullies. She empathises with him immediately, puzzling over his abnormal appearance. His albino white skin the mockery for all. She befriends him at once. At lunchtime they talk together, relating to each other's odd existences and their alienation by society. That night Powder secretly follows Buffy and Willow to the graveyard where Buffy is keeping watch and slaying. Tragically here, Powder is caught unprepared in the crossfire and is killed by a vampire. Buffy is left alone and isolated, wrapped in guilt.

In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.
Sunnydale High School
Buffy, Xander and Willow greet each other on the school grounds.
Good morning ladies, so how was your slaying slumber party last night?
You know, can't complain just the usual camp out in the graveyard, stakes in one hand, marshmallows in the other the odd vampire or two for company.
You know crucifixes are so in, in this months Vogue!
So no problems than I gather?
Nah, no biggy we had it all under control well that is until I chipped my nail that was so not called for!
The three make there way up the stairs into the main hallway lined with lockers. Cut to Buffy, now alone, opening her locker in the main hallway as other students file in and out around her. She works the combination to her locker opening it and reaching in for her books, her hands fumble and cause a couple of ancient looking books with gold metallic text impeded into their green aged covers as well as an array of intricately carved stakes of numerous sizes to tumble to the ground cascading around her.
Great, now I'm going to be late. (She bends down and begins picking up her weapons to replace them in her locker.)
Camera pans to show surrounding students now silent and still, planting startled yet knowing looks on Buffy and her wooden contraptions whispering behind cuffed hands and knowingly pointing.
What a freak
What does she think she is?
We live in Sunnydale I mean hello?
Oblivious until now, Buffy suddenly becomes aware of the scene she has created as she overhears her fellow peers cruel taunts.
Cordelia and her entourage make there way down the hall enforcing their dominance demanding the now gathered group make way for them.
Excuse me, hello excuse me! Coming through, out of my way losers! ...

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