My View And Opinion On Underage Sex

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My View and Opinion on Underage Sex

Is the age of 16 the right age for sex to be legal? Many people have
their own views and beliefs and the issue is very indecisive, but is
there ever going to be an age that everyone agrees is appropriate?
This is what my speech is going to be about.

Many people have different opinions on what they think the legal age
to have sex should be. Every year more and more children are having
underage sex and this number is continuing to increase at a rapid
rate. In England, the law says it's legal and gives permission to
having sex from the age of 16 but each country has a different opinion
so the law changes around the world. It is easy to think that everyone
under the legal age is having sex, and a recent investigation revealed
that one in four women and nearly a third of men have sex before they
are 16 - the legal age of consent. A major survey shows that teenagers
who leave school early are less likely to practice safe sex and are
more likely to become pregnant.

I believe that no matter what age sex should be considered legal;
teenagers are still going to ignore it. Someone of any age will have
sex when they want to, whatever age. That's nature for you... Neither
situation is ideal, there is no ideal situation. Possibly a law should
not exist at all? I think more of an age-gap system would be better,
allowing anyone of any age to experiment and express any sexuality
they have with people their own age, yet protect them from the abuse
of older people. The age children start to become aware if sex is
gradually getting younger and younger. Sex education lessons are
starting in many primary schools and this is a key factor to why
teenagers feel more ready to commit themselves. At 16, teenagers are
aware of sexually transmitted diseases and the chances of getting
pregnant. So if they know about the consequences, what makes people
think having a legal age is going to have any effect on people's
decisions? I think that if teenagers know about all the risks and they
use protection, then there should be know age limit, and many people
would strongly disagree with me on this. But why is it illegal to have
sex under 16? Why can you have sex at 16 but can't watch it on TV
until you are 18?

The laws on sex are there to protect young people from abuse or from
having sex before they are ready. Different countries do have
different laws but in this country it is considered to be that people
are not ready to have sex until they are 16. Laws are there to protect
people and not to try and spoil their fun.

Teenagers feel the need that they have to be more grown up and feel
having sex is the way to seem older than they are.

If a person under the age 16 were to have sex, many of them would say
they regret it; not just the person they had it with, but the...

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