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My View On British Culture Essay

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My View on British CultureByTao Ziyuan126601204Liaoning University, SWIBSAbstract:Football, the modern sport is originated from the United Kingdom and spread to the rest of the world, which is the largest sport in the world today. Sport culture is a kind of subculture, and closely related with social culture. The origin and development of British football are rooted in the wide range of British society, penetrating and reflecting the British cultural characteristics. Football is a kind of special UK cultural phenomenon, covering much British social characters. Soccer style reflects the gentleman culture core: Fair competition and the spirit of knights; National consciousness and identity are deeply rooted in the football culture of the four national countries in Britain. The relationship among these UK Football association and FIFA, we get to know insular attitude; different classes love football. Through football, we have much more analysis of the British society and culture.Key Word:Britain Culture FootballCONTENTS31. Introduction32. Gentleman Culture33. Nation and Country44. Insular Attitude55. Class Consciousness56. Conclusion6Reference1. Introduction"Football penetrates into our culture and DNA. When we come to the world, football is with us and never separated." As David Beckham said, we can find that the close relationship between the British football and culture. Football, the modern sport is originated from the United Kingdom and spread to the rest of the world, which is the largest sport in the world today. Sport culture is a kind of subculture, and closely related with social culture. The origin and development of British football are rooted in the wide range of British society, penetrating and reflecting the British cultural characteristics.The essay illustrates the effected factors to British football from the next several aspects of British cultural characteristics: gentleman culture, nation and country, insular attitude and class consciousness.2. Gentleman CultureGentleman bearing is the external performance of the national culture. Gentleman image is rooted in medieval knight spirit. With the knight spirit the Crusades had struggled for as long as 200 years, British troops encouraged the soldiers to keep up high morale with Red flags of the golden lion. The king Richard Ⅰis called "lion psychological check" for the skill and bravery. The lion in western culture means courage, loyalty and noble symbol.England football association's badge "Three Lions" reflects the spirit of knights' inheritance of British football: courage, strength and proud. Lions and the lion heart are the words the British newspapers often use to describe a football player. British football style is famous for heroism, stubborn, full of fighting essence. In the field, the British team player is like a knight, everybody knows the typical characteristics of the knights: the integrity, brave, justice, sacrifice and honor. They are actively running, fighting,...

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