My Views On: Liberals Vs. Conservatives

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Until recently, we have lived in a social product, being post WW2 capitalism, that was in part shaped by the rise of the "organized/unionized" working class of the 1930s and 40s, and the threat of the end of "private capitalism" that was, at least, the early promise of what came to be, I say, inaccurately called "Communism". (I generally see it as more a kind of "state run" capitalism. Which is what it has effectively become.)The fear of both the politically Conservative and Liberal ruling class and its lower strata "supporters", of both these above related social forces, was the driving force towards the "social contract" and compromise with "the working class" that emerged out of that period-, to create what has until recently been. (To this degree, this fear of organized militant labour and of "Communism" shaped the character of post WW2 capitalism.)The rise of the, more accurately, neo-liberal economists, politically manifested as Neo-Cons (Neo-Conservatives), who came in the 70s to reflect a "change in the thinking" of the main ruling class elements at that time, saw the opportunity to, and are now set about changing the John Kenneth Galbraith "Welfare State" model of capitalism that was the outcome of the great post WW2 "liberal compromise" within capitalism. The reasons for this change of heart are many, but primarily because the old threat of official "Communism" is diminished, if not absolutely destroyed, making possible the more Triumphalist Capitalism of the current period, and additionally facilitated by the effective "absorption" or "co-opting" of the "official" labour movement into becoming the mere "labour management arm" of major capitalism. This latter co-opting, in my view, having come to the point where much of extant Big Labour has lost the effective loyallty and support of the vast working-class, itself, much of it, having come over the previous "prosperity period", to embrace capitalism's "consumer and market values."The great liberal compromises of capitalism with the "militant left" at the end of the Second World War have come full circle through all this, and evolved in their consequences to become part of the Neocon reaction of the late 1970s down to the present. Only now the main character of "liberal values", within the NDP, the so-called "left" of the Liberal Party and Progressive Conservatives is its new set of compromises currently being shaped and implemented with what have become, the new Neo-Conservative world view of the ruling economic and political class of capitalism. In summary, where they had previously sought a compromise with the militant left and labour, they now seek one with Neocon Capital.
The post WW2 social outcome has been turned on its head, and much facilitated, or more accurately enabled by "liberal" thinking and values, to become the new and rising Neo-conservative period now underway, attacking the "Welfare State" model of capitalism (save to the extent it applies to corporate welfare, of...

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