My Views Verses My Grandparents Views On Colorism

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As a child growing up I never quite understood why I wasn’t allowed to live with my mother or why she couldn’t live with us even though my parents were married. It’s not until I was a teenager I realized that my paternal Grandparents discriminated against people of darker complexion and the reason my mother wasn’t allowed to raise me because she was dark skinned and was also from the country. My grandmother was of Japanese descendant but was born a Jamaican while my grandfather was a dark skinned black man with British background and the main culprit behind the families’ colorism. My Grandfather would always say “for you to get respect and to be successful in our country you have to ...view middle of the document...

Eventually my grandparents had come to terms after years of conflict that it was time to accept my father’s dark skinned country bumpkin wife since she had giving birth to the only boy left to carry on his “Ashley” surname. Though my brother and I was not as fair as our cousins they treated us equally and made sure we all went to the best schools, just couldn’t bring home any dark skinned friends if we didn’t want to feel embarrassed .
Colorism is a form of bias that is based primarily upon skin tone and hair type, it present in cultures all over the world and occurs on an inter-group and intra-group basis; colorism is an evil that must end. Black is Black no matter what shade your skin is. In contrast to my grandfather’s quote on respect and success you have to be bright colored, I say wealth and social status should not be determined by a person skin color; but by education and income.
My grandfather should have taking into consideration that his parents were black and should have at least got to know my mother before casting judgment. For an adult to tell a child that her fair skinned friends can visit but “ole nehgah” (a derogatory term used to refer to a black person of low class or bad...

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