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My Vision Of America Dream Essay

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As our society today we just don’t seek eye to eye on religion views, marriage arrangements, how to manage our families or dating, but after doing research on different views and outlook pertaining to dating and marriages, India and the United States are an prime examples comparing ideas on courtship, romances, marriage, and divorce seem to be more practical, better for the individuals involved, or for the better society to which the couples belongs.
Dating means different things to different people. It’s an activity as two people in an “intimate” relationship (love and respect 2013). For Native Americans, Dating is considered to be as an American, but restrictions due to their term of dating in their culture. Under India tradition, the parents set up dating arrangements. Moreover, Indian teen’s males and females go on a group of friends on dates to get to know each other instead of a single date. Single dates are harder to get away with. (Gururajan happiness 2011). Other beliefs in India South Asia, replies strict rules dating are forbidding and women do not have a choice to choose who they want to date or married. This leads to young youths in India dating and having romances in secrets of their parents because the arrangement the parents select for their children, they seek different opinions about that mate or not comfortable with the selective mate their parents chose for dating. However, in America it’s completely the opposite relationship begins with courtship. Some parents allow their children to date at a certain age and when they allow their children to date. In the United State, parents set ground rules when their children are dating such as online dating, time restrictions to end their date night, personal information about the person their children dating and any other procedures parents used towards their children of their safety of dating.
Marriage is the process by which two people who love each other make it official in the public, official, and permanent of a bound putatively lasts until death. (Psychology today 2013). In India marriage is defined the great watershed in life, marking the transition into adulthood (country studies 1995). In America, we have every right to choose to marry weather it’s a man or a women or same sex, which is becoming more acceptable in the United States. Currently several states passes the law on same sex marriage to marry under each other under the same law as the opposite sex couples. In India it’s prohibit to marry to the same sex because of their religion beliefs. In India the arrangement of the marriage is on the Parents. The father is responsible to choose and make the arrangements for a husband and his daughter and also checking the compatibility of the horoscopes of the man and women under wedlock. There is no communication, romance until the day of the ceremony. By law the husband have the right to access in documents and financial even have the right of the...

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