My Visit To China: Verbal And Non Verbal Communication.

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Executive Summary:
The task given was to give a presentation and mix socially to a potential client in China and here issues were considered to ensure the trip to china is a success. In order to ensure the trip was a success all aspects of Verbal and Non-Verbal communication were considered. In relation to Verbal communication which is oral or written forms were discussed as well as Non-Verbal communication which relates to communication without the use of words (for example body language and Paralanguage. It was found that after all aspects of Verbal and Non-Verbal communication was considered that in order for successful communication there has to be a right balance of the and they must not contradict each other as this leads to poor communication. In regards to the China client it needs to be well thought-out that as they are foreign different non-verbal communication exists and to ensure the trip is a success these barriers have to be approached and solved.
What is Communication?

The word Communication can be defined as 'the process of transmitting and receiving verbal and non-verbal messages that produce a response'; the communication is then considered effective if it accomplishes a reaction or response from the recipient. Communications main aim is to exchange information between a number of parties and this can be divided in to Verbal and Non-Verbal communication.
As communication is a Process it can be useful to generate a model for this to help and think about the processes and systems. The 'Communication model' is a perfect example to use to explain this.

(Source: Effective Communication (1991), HA Murphy and HW Hilderbrandt)

As shown in the above diagram the communication process has five elements.

When a message is sent you are the writer or speaker. This person will try to choose the right symbols that will correctly express your message so the receiver can understand this and respond. External and internal stimuli can affect this. External stimuli prompt you to send a message and then when ideas come to your head you react to conditions in the environment such as noise and cultural customs. Whereas in internal stimuli have an influence on how you translate the ideas into a message and your own perception of the world can affect your choice of symbols.

This consists of both the Verbal and Non-Verbal symbols to show ideas to the receiver form the sender.

Channel and Medium:
This refers to the method you employ to send the message e.g. written, symbols.

The message receiver is the reader or listener of the message and the decoder. Here again the receiver is also influenced by the external and internal environment. The receiver can receive messages in a number of ways such as eyes, ears and touch and they then interpret this message according their own perceptions. A possible problem with all this is that not all people have the same perceptions and so message may be...

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