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My Internet Experience Essay

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My Internet Experience

When I first head about the Internet, the first thing that ran
through my mind was that computers are going to take over the world. I
have a very negative outlook. I thought people were never going to come
out of their home, because now they are going base their whole life around
the computer. My view was that computers were evil and they disconnect
humans from nature. I never cared to even see for myself what everyone
was talking about. I thought that it was too hyped and mainstream and of
course I did not want to fall into the mainstream category. I assumed
anybody spending that much time infront of a computer must be a total geek
without friends. This all changed when my best friend got a computer as a
gift with the internet access.

Since I was at her house practically everyday, I decided to play
around and experiment with what everyone was talking about, the Internet.
I had my friend, Jennifer guide me and show me how to use it. I remember
wanting her next to me as a security blanket just in case I pushed the
wrong buttons. I simply followed her directions until I got on AOL. It
was all so new to me. At first I was hesitant, apprehensive and
intimidated. But the more I fiddled around, clicked here and there and
realized how it works, I got really excited. I was embarrassed that I had
pre-judgments about it. It was a whole new dimension that opened up for
me. Not only was I excited, but astonished as to how much information I
was going to access and if I was going to have time to look at everything
that I like. So now time was an issue. I was afraid that I was going to
become exactly what I criticized, the type of person that sits infront of
the computer all day long. Before I knew it, two hours had gone by and I
had only looked at one web page and had gone to one chat room.

I imagined a whole new world, being able to communicate, send
pictures and letter instantly. All of a sudden I felt as if I was in a
future Sci-Fi movie, clicking one word and having many many sites opening
up to me. It was too good to be true. All those days spending in the
library amongst books, files and research materials, were all under one
click of a button. I laughed at myself because it all seemed so hard
because I had feared the Internet world and now it was easy as pie.

As I continued my searching, I typed many different words. I found
this site called "Yahoo", which you can practically find anything,
anytime. It gave me a list of 7 categories. The word I had chosen at the
time was "Faeries", and I got so many sites that again I did not know
which one to pick. So I picked one and it was the most beautiful one of
all. It had so many links and beautiful romantic pictures, along with
poetry. I thought I was never going to leave the computer now. It is my
new best friend and it always agrees with me and listens to me. I now
knew what I wanted for my birthday present, a labtop....

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