My Week At Bridge Builders Essay

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Although this paper does not require extensive hours of research, analysis, or intellectual capacity, it was equally as challenging on a deeper personal level. The one-week I have attended staff training at Bridge Builders in Montgomery, has been overwhelming, intense, incomprehensible, and incredible. Therefore, attributing to the challenging nature for writing such a paper.
Many of my expectations for Bridge Builders are a result of my experience with Camp Anytown, which I attended after my sophomore year in high school. Anytown was a youth leadership-development program that is specifically devised to reduce prejudice and conflict, and to prepare youth to become leaders of a diverse community. After being accepted into this intensive week long spend the night program, I along with high school kids from various religious, racial, ethnic, and economic background of Birmingham, joined together in a life-changing experience. Although Anytown prepared me to flourish in a diverse community, I never really had the opportunity to enact these skills due to Mountain Brook’s homogenous environment. However, it did establish skills that empowered me to take on leadership responsibilities around the community. Though I was aware that both Anytown and Bridge Builders shared a common purpose, I also knew the process to achieve such will be significantly different.

One personal expectation I hope to achieve as a result of this program is that of becoming a more effective leader. When one experiences a transformation, it is often a result of life experiences. I hope for this program to aid my peers and myself in a positive transformation. I firmly believe that one must initially develop essential skills and understanding before adequately understanding how to transform others, and I hope that Bridge Builders will provide me the necessary skills to do so. Bridge Builder’s goal is to transform a person so that they will have the ability to instigate change. I hope to be catalysts for students to develop the mental capacity to become transformational leaders after the camp. During the week, students will experience interactive, emotional, and moving lessons of prejudice awareness, empowerment, and personal communication. I expect the camp to provide the student with tools to bring lessons back to one’s community and to successfully apply them to real life situations. I hope Bridge Builders influences major changes in the attitudes of attendees/staff and build commitment for the organization’s missions, ideals, and objectives. Where as individuals are often considered to be transformational leaders, in this instance an...

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