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My Wonderful Friend Essay

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Have you ever had that one special friend that you knew would be there for you through thick and thin? That special friend, who can read your thoughts, finish your sentences, and make you smile when you are feeling blue. A friend is someone who is honest and you can trust. A friend is someone who you hang out with, and someone you rely on. Friendship is being there for someone when they need you. That person for me is my best friend Katrina. She is the kindest, sweetest person I have ever known. She will do anything for anyone.
I met Katrina when I was in the 5th grade and she was in the 6th grade. Making friends has never been easy for me but we seemed to hit it right off from the beginning.. We spent a lot of time together as children. We were always made fun of because she is so tall and I am so short. I was always jealous of her because she was always so tall and thin, but I never let her know that. I looked up to her for everything. She was my mentor. I admired her strength she always stood up for herself and did not let anyone bring her down.. Katrina seemed to always be there for me when I needed her the most. I could pick up the phone and she was always willing to lend an ear day or night. I told her my deepest darkest secrets. She was there for me when my first love broke my heart. She was there for me when my parents got divorced. She has lent me a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on more times than I would like to admit. I believe that every needs to have a friend. Friends are there to comfort,...

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