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My Work Experience At A Primary School

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My Work Experience at a Primary School

For my work experience I received a placement at Primary
School. It is located in Wyke, Bradford and provides education for
children aged three to eleven. I attended High Fernley primary school
for two weeks; my work placement began on 27 September and ended on 9
October. Each day I arrived at 8.30amand normally finished at 3.10pm;
sometimes I would work slightly longer in order to finish tasks.

I did not attend a pre-placement visit as a result of a delay in
confirmation of the placement. Nevertheless, I rang High Fernley as
soon as I received confirmation and I spoke to the school
administrator, Mrs. Julie Malinder. I introduced myself and thanked
them for accepting my work placement. I asked important questions
regarding dress code, arrival times and lunch arrangements.

Before the placement I was excited because I was looking forward to it
and I knew that I would like the school environment. However I was
also nervous because I was going to be working in a different
environment and I would be working in a different role as a teaching
assistant not as a student. I had a basic idea about what this work
placement would involve and I had already thought about what skills,
abilities and qualities I hoped to gain from this experience.

I was hoping to gain further knowledge about the working environment,
what it was like and how different it is to a student life. I also
wanted to develop my communication skills by talking to adults and
children and participating in class discussions. I also hoped that it
would give me a taste of this type of work and help me decide if I
wanted to do a similar job in the future.

During my work placement I did various tasks such as helping the
children to follow simple tasks and instructions such as washing hands
and tidying up. Sometimes I found this quite difficult as it involved
shouting over large amounts of noise and getting the children's
attention but it helped to develop my confidence and communication
skills and as the week went on I found this task much easier. Helping
children to put their shoes and coats on was another task I did often.
I found this easy but sometimes putting 30 pairs of shoes on children
was quite tiring. However I enjoyed teaching the children how to tie
their laces and fasten their coats as this was quite rewarding and by
the end of the week some of them could to these tasks. I also helped
the children to learn and revise the alphabet and numbers. I was
involved with tasks such as painting, jigsaws, listening exercises and
writing. All these helped the children to learn this. I also assisted
the children whilst they built houses and models using boxes, glue and
card. In addition I worked with the children on the computer helping
them to use the mouse, for example, click,...

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