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14 сочинений на Английском языке12.My work at the foreign trade company.Hello, my name is Maxim Sviridov. I work as a manager at the «Star tour» company. It is Russian company which works on the business travel market. Two weeks ago I was sent by the administration of our company to London where I studied the English travel companies, their traditions, their marketing and management. Now my business trip is coming to the end and I want to share with you my impressions of English business world. First of all English businessmen are well known all over the world for their honesty and decency. If an Englishman gives you his word he will keep it in any case. Besides that, nothing can prevent him from refusing the once taken decision. Of course, there are some exclusions, but they are so rare that nobody should put attention on them. During the last two weeks my working day was approximately the same. Early in the morning I took a taxi to my hosts' headquarters, which is situated in the City - the business heart of London. First of all I usually asked Ms. Lapital - my secretary if there were any letters or cables for me. Then she gave me my correspondence and fresh newspapers and I followed to my office-room. There I studied all documents that had come for my name and wrote a short report about previous business day and then faxed it to my native company in Vladivostok. After that I went to Mr. Forsberg's office-room to get tasks for the new day and ask some questions about their company, its history, traditions, clients, and so on. After that I usually did what Mr. Forsberg asked. My usual job was meeting with potential clients, discussing their rest plans and offering the services of Mr. Forsberg's company. I usually met with 10 or 12 people a day. They were representatives of different social groups and communicating with them increased my knowledge of England and Englishmen, their psychology greatly. This business trip was a great chance for me and I hope I used this chance fully. Now I know a lot about Western business world, about travel business and this knowledge will, of course, help my in my future career.13.My breakfast.It is not a secret that our meals influence much on our health and our mood. That's why I consider breakfast to be the most important meal in the day as it is the first our meal and it can put us in good spirits or it can't. Now I shall tell you about my breakfast. In the morning I usually have porridge. I...

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