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Some of the biggest questions can be tied together. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Does God exist? Numerous amounts of people ask these questions, every day, every second. Though it can be a bit hard to find the answers, especially when people have different opinions on topics. But there is one place in where people can take comfort and read when they have the huge questions. These all can be answered by reading the Bible. My worldview has also been altered by this course. Although it is not completely the same as what I have been taught, it has changed some.
Many people want to know what God is like. One of his characteristics is that he is the supreme ruler, who created ...view middle of the document...

This is probably why a lot of today’s laws are similar to the Ten Commandments. They keep people on a straight path.
The purpose of life can be different for people. Some may even believe that there is no purpose or meaning. It just depends on the person, and what they have been taught and believe. Though the Christian worldview of the purpose of life is to love one another, and have a relationship with God. Core commitments also vary with people. My core commitments include respecting others, and doing my best to help the world. If I continue to make an effort at these commitments, then they keep me from becoming selfish and rude.
My worldview and the worldview that was taught in class clash in some points, but can be similar at others. I believe that my worldview is a bit more lenient than others, and I think that is how it is different than the classes’ worldview. But a lot of the core subjects are the same, or at least based off the same thing. My worldview is able to pass the four tests of a worldview. I do believe my worldview is rational, and does not contradict...

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