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My Writing 121 Experience Essay

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Transitioning from writing five paragraph essays to a five page paper was definitely a challenge. In writing 121, we spent our time reading, discussing and analyzing complex stories in particular Heart of Darkness. We analyzed not only Joseph Conrad’s novel; but also, Anton Chekhov’s short stories on characterization. After reading these short stories from Chekhov, we wrote our 100 minute timed write; in addition, I wrote my best other essay about poverty. This class has given me a glimpse of the writing expected of in college. Although it posed challenges for me, it has helped me improve my skills as a writer.
Writing 121 was unlike any other language arts class I had taken before. I ...view middle of the document...

Achebe quotes Conrad to show an example of his racist remarks is when Conrad saw an African for the first time “a certain enormous buck nigger I encountered in Haiti fixed my conception of blind, furious, unreasoning rage” (Achebe 10). Why did he focus so much on this man? And why did it bother Conrad so much? By using references, my papers have an academic sense to them and are credible, a skill which I couldn’t do previously.
I learned to use in text citations through various works leading up to Heart of Darkness. Heart of Darkness was a complex novel that was hard to understand. It took a lot of rereading and discussions to comprehend it. When I first started off reading it I hated it I thought it was too difficult and couldn’t imagine myself writing a 5 page paper on it. Closer to the end I enjoyed it, I found it interesting to write an argumentative paper about it and it was a bit of fun doing additional research. It was interesting to compare my opinions to literary critics and bloggers. Heart of Darkness, I feel, prepared me for harder novels. Getting to college and having never done this and being assigned a 5 page paper I would have said no way can I do this. But now I feel confident in being able to write longer papers at a higher level.
Characterization is the writers’ way of letting the reader know details about the character by revealing them indirectly. Anton Chekhov’s stories taught me how it is used. He revealed very little about two characters in his short story “The Huntsman” just enough to picture them with what information was minimally necessary. Chekhov doesn’t tell the reader about Pelagea and the huntsman’s past only about their encounter. Pelagea” [springs] out of the earth…and smiles diffidently as soon as she sees the huntsman” (Chekhov 1). Although the phrase “a happy couple" wouldn’t be an accurate way to describe the two....

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