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My Writing Procedure Essay

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My Writing ProcedureWriting is a unique and interesting process. There are so many things that we cannot directly say to people, or explain, but we can write pages about them and explain our point of views by writing it down. It's definitely not an easy task to write, but it gets unproblematic with reading, practice, and time. Reading is one of the most significant procedures when it comes to put in writing about something. It broadens our ideas and clarifies details, makes us enable to use contents in our own writings. My writing procedure starts with reading and goes along with survey, outline, questions, recitation, revision, and overview. All those steps makes it easier for me to write data that's on my mind, on a piece of a paper. I like to read different materials before putting down something in words, that is very important for comprehension and retention.I attempt to grab the reader's attention. In a personal essay I may use examples from my life. If I am writing a critical essay I sometimes use allusions or references. When I get the prompt I usually start finding out materials online and in books. Sometimes I get really good stuff that totally relates to what I intend to write on my paper. I also obtain information through talking to people and getting their opinions about the subject being discussed, the more sources I search the better my chances of getting more information and ideas about the topic leading to a more interesting essay, but I make sure all that information addresses the topic I am writing about. I go over different topics, highlight stuff, look at the titles and subtitles, and I make questions out of different topics. When I am done doing that stuff, I try to note all the important or related stuff on a piece of a paper. I make bullet points and also put examples that comes into my mind. That outline is an important thing that helps me elaborate the text that I am going to support in my essay or paper. Outline is basically for the organization of my essay, it helps me understand the setting and organization of my essay, what and where am I going to put the different text on my paper.Procrastination is maybe not for me, I can only write an organized and comprehensive data if I actually have spent time on it, or have done some work regarding drafting and at least putting some notes before starting to write on a piece of a paper. I honestly like to draft it out. I'm not a very good writer but I like to write about things that I am interested in or when I am in stress. I write a diary every day, before going to sleep because I like to write about stuff that is happening in my life. I do the same thing for my essays. I like to draft them, write different things, my own personal experiences and stories related to my essay etc. I usually start writing and merge so much into it that sometimes I spend hours and it feels like it's been only few moments since I started writing.Whenever any older person or my parents ignore me or...

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