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Myotis Lucifugus Is The Little Brown Bat

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Although most people know them as the little brown bat, their scientific name is Myotis lucifugus. They are from the family chiroptera and order vespertilionidae.
They are also know as mouse-eared bats. The little brown bats being one of the most common bat species in most of the United States and Canada have many interesting and unique characteristics that set them far apart from other animals. Unfortunately, with a disease called white-nose syndrome bat populations have been on the decline. With the species being threatened it is even more important to fully understand the little brown bat and all of its habits and characteristics.
Myotis lucifugus are easily identified when they're being handled, but are hard to tell apart from other species when in flight. Their fur is glossy with a variety of colors ranging from tan to red or dark brown. Their stomachs are a lighter color, with their wings and leg being almost black. Their wings, ears and face have little or no fur on them. Little brown bats have a wingspan that can reach 11in, weigh anywhere from 5 to 14g and have a body length between 2.5 to 4in. Females are usually bigger than males, allowing them to easily carry their pups. Their distinct wings, which set them apart from every other mammal and birds are a thin extension of skin that is supported by bones that have evolved from regular forelimbs. (Myers, P. "Bat Wings and Tails." 2014). They fly at an average of 12 miles/hour but can reach up to 22 miles/hour. Their fore and hind limbs have five medapodial. Although those characteristics might seem similar to many other bats, theres a big difference in their skull. Little Brown Bats lacks a saggital crest, which is where the jaw muscles would be attached. They have 38 teeth and have a flattened braincase. (Havens, Aaron. "Mytosis lucifugus little brown bat" 2006)
Myotis lucifugus are found in the south regions of canada into most of the United States. Although they are common in most parts of the US, their populations are spotty in southern states such as Florida and Texas because of the heat. The little brown bat is also commonly found in high elevations of New Mexico. Brown bats are not territorial like some other bats, they live in colonies that often include thousands of other bats. Myotis lucifugus rest and live in places called roosts. Bats have different roosts for different seasons and times. The Little brown bat has a day roost, night roost and a hibernating roost. Day roosts often take place where little light can get in and with a good amount of protection. Bats are found during the day in places like trees, under rocks and in buildings. For night roosts, when the temperature drops they will all huddle together in a smaller inclosed space to help keep warm. They usually tend to do this when the temperature drops below 60 degrees F. The bats stay in these roosts spring, summer and fall. Come winter, they rest in whats called a hibernaculum site. This is where the little...

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