Mysteries And The Belief In Ghosts

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Some people believe in ghosts and some people think that they are strictly made up for entertainment. There are many ghost stories roaming around in books and other places. Some have stories to back them, some don’t, and some have been misconstrued by going from person to person. Each city and state has their own legends that have been told and have grown year after year.
One story took place near Woodson, Arkansas. One rainy night a man picked up a hitchhiking woman Angela who needed a ride home. When they arrived at her home in Redfield he got out of his vehicle and went to Angela’s side of the vehicle to open the door for her. When he opened the car door, Angela had disappeared but her drenched coat was lying in his seat. He went to the door and the Angela’s dad, Bill, answered. The man explained that he saw Angela hitchhiking down the highway and decided to help her. Angela told him that she needed a ride home but when he went to open the door for her, the only thing remaining was her drenched coat. Angela’s father was astonished and told the man that his daughter had been killed on that same night one year ago in a car accident near the place where the man picked her up. The coat that Angela left in the man’s truck was the coat she was wearing the night of her accident.

        A story very similar to that happened near Batesville, Arkansas. In 1973, a driver picked up a girl in a white dress named Tracy. She was bruised and battered, with a cut above her eye. She told the driver that she had been in an accident, couldn’t reach her parents, and needed a ride home. When he was going down the driveway, he turned around to talk to Tracy but she had vanished. In complete disbelief, the driver went to the door of the house which Tracy told him that she lived. Tracy’s father explained to the man that his daughter had died one month before in an accident on her way to prom. The accident had happened on the bridge that he was crossing when he picked up Tracy. It has been reported that drivers still bring the bruised and battered girl home every prom night but she will always disappear right before they arrive at her house.

        Another story takes place in Little Rock, Arkansas on Woodson Laurel Road. It has been reported by many different drivers that when driving down Woodson Laurel Road at night, you will see a...

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