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Mysterious Creatures: Believe It Or Not

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There are numerous amounts of myths and folktales, which not only frighten people but leave them in wonder. Is it best to believe or not to believe?The thought of the unknown has convinced some that the myth is real or exists. Movies and other media tools play a factor in convincing individuals into believing.Creatures are portrayed as dangerous and hideous beasts so that is what the social world believes. For others that is not enough, seeing cold hard evidence is the only sufficient way of believing in the myths. Getting this evidence is the tough part; some mysterious creatures only rarely appear and some never do. Believing could only be a matter of being in that lucky spot at the right moment where the mysterious creature appears. Mysterious creatures come in all shapes and forms, and from many walks of life. They have been illustrated and has been the main point of stories ever since the Egyptian times, medieval times, and before. Across the globe are creatures with a variety of names, some more famous than others; Bigfoot or Sasquatch, Loch Ness or Nessi, and Chupacabra are some of the most talked about and feared creatures. Only a few are known worldwide but there are many known in local areas. The most famous creature not from this world are aliens. Evidence of aliens has been around as long as the other creatures, with many sightings and very few encounters. Stories of all of these creatures are spread around and sometimes altered into what is recorded. Drawings and illustrations of mysterious creatures have been found on ancient Egyptian walls and medieval stories.
Of all the mysterious creatures, the most famous worldwide is Bigfoot or Sasquatch. There are many believers and non-believers of Bigfoot. It has other names such as “Skunk Ape, Timber Giant, and Boggy Creek Monster.” According to Russ Kinne, huge, hairy, manlike features are the origins for the names. Apart from the hairy body and ape like attributes, “Bigfoot stands seven to nine feet tall and weighs between five hundred and eight hundred pounds.” It is hard to miss a creature of that size and stature. According to Marian Place, Bigfoot or a monster has been sighted in forty states and three Canadian provinces. Bigfoot is one of the most well-known creatures in the world. Being the most well-known also means there is more skepticism. There are many sightings but very few photos and videos, so only the ones with the actual firsthand visual believe and it leaves others without any cold hard evidence. Not many are willing to go out and search also and just go on what others gather. This creates many rumors and fake stories. Many of these stories are heard and create false thoughts and accusations on Bigfoot. Evidence is hard to come by for Bigfoot, the most common Bigfoot evidence is the footprint. The prints of Bigfoot are massive and manlike, “30 to 56 centimeters in length and 18 to 21 centimeters in width.” These are found all over the world and are very...

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