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Mysterious Crop Circles Essay

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In this world, there are so many mysteries, secrets, and phenomenon that have not been explained. For the last few decades, crop circles have been appearing all around the world, yet we do not have a clear scientific explanation for them. Crop circles are defined as some kind of circular geometric patterns on crops such as wheat, barley, and corn, (Meder 2007). They are made within a very short period of time without any mistakes. There are over 12,000 circles found with complicated patterns and large in scale, (Crystalinks 2009) Many of the crop circles were found to be a manmade, but we cannot conclude that rests of them are hoaxed by man. People are still debating on this mystery circle, yet there are no answers. This paper will explain the history of crop circles, creators of crop circles, and designs of crop circles.
History of Crop Circle
The history of crop circles is very mysterious because no one can tell when it began to appear on earth. Crystalinks (2009) states that the first recorded evidence of a crop circle was found in 1647, which is a woodcut artifact called the Mowing-Devil. The image depicts a devil mowing a crop field and leaving circular marks behind its path. However, actual images of crop circles are available from the late 1800s. As time has passed since the first found crop circle, more images were available each year. It was probably due to increased attention from people with the help of an advanced technology. Even though the first crop circle was found in United Kingdom in early 1900s, they were generally found everywhere after then. However, more images from the United States, England, Australia and other countries are available, (Monstrous 2009). A few crop circles have been found each year or two since 1990. If there is any difference since then, it is probably more detailed testimony from the witnesses and well documented information of crop circles including the expected time range of creation and recorded environmental conditions during that time. People refer to the years between the mid 1990s and the early 21st century as the “Golden Years of Crop Circle” because more people were able to experience the real sight of crop circles. With help of fast communication and travel technologies, people can see crop circles first hand and they have stopped considering crop circles as worthless propaganda. Still, a majority of people still believe that crop circles are fake instead of trying to find information about crop circles. However, more people have gotten involved and interested in crop circles, and they are spreading the word as time goes by.
Creators of Crop Circle
Who are the creators of crop circles? This matter is probably the most sensitive and debatable topic related to crop circles. Researchers found out that there are only two possible explanations that they can think of, which are humans and aliens. According to Cropcircleresearch (2009), 80% of the crop circles were found to be made...

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