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Mysterious Power Of Language Essay

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“Broken” English, people see it as something that is limit’s people because of the incorrect grammar spoken and a burden to carry. Amy Tan thinks otherwise because it’s how she communicates with her mother and how she understands the world she lives in. Tan goes on talking about “the power of language” and goes to a point where her mother “broken” language can affect the effectiveness of what she’s trying to convey, negatively; then explain how math is a top choice for non-English speakers, not an English teacher.
Tan goes on talking about how language is important and how “the power of language” can change the way people feel, show ideas, and just the simple truth (Tan, 1). In the passage, she describes how her mother suffered through people that don’t take her seriously, did not give her good service and ignored her “because she expressed them imperfectly, her thoughts were imperfect” (Tan, 2).
With this, Tan spoke for her mother because of the experience she suffered through. By age fifteen, Tan was disgusted as her mother and spoke to people within the business faculty when she called to her stockbroker in New York; she was losing money in her business and was aggravated. Whispering to her daughter, “What he want, I come to New York tell him front of his boss, you cheating me?” Tan translated it into a perfectly grammar free response which concerned the stockbroker. (Tan, 2) Understanding what her mother is saying and translating in a way her mother couldn’t do. Only Tan can truly understand what’s she saying and elaborate the message being represented in how angry her tone is.
As Tan talks about math, “there is only one correct answer,” whereas to English there are many ways to say a certain thing. It’s like an accent but it depends on where you are actually from. For broken English, we are from another culture and we mix up the order of where the words are placed, delete unnecessary words, and make it sound different. I learned from experience of the Vietnamese language. (Tan, 3) “Not waste money that way,” the words deleted were “we,” “should” because it isn’t necessary to use extra words if they both have the same meaning. (Tan, 1) In the reading, Tan states how Asian American students are going into engineering; it makes sense because there’s only one answer to things like math...

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