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I fell asleep until my cell phone woke me up, it was already five. With my eyes closed, I tried to reach the gadget which lay on the side table. Idly, I spread out my eyes, but it wasn't my phone that rang. I have almost forgotten about Caroline’s phone which still dwelled in my pants’ pocket. When I took a look, the call was already hung up. So I scrolled down for the number of the missed call and tried to reach it using my phone. Something somehow thrilled me when the number I dialled is actually Carrie’s number. It was her who call the phone, but whose phone is this? Possibly she has two phones… my brain told me. It's nothing weird about having two phones, they have even three. Anyway, ...view middle of the document...

For a moment my mind got numb, still hard for me to believe that it was Caroline who keeps track on me.
The phone, at any rate, should be returned to her. How do I deal with the situation? Should I ask her directly, or keep this a secret? Should I let Jacqui know? Or maybe Rina? No, no, no… I won’t tell anybody. This thing should be patched up with myself only. But what should I do now? What is the wisest thing to do? I wonder how her reaction would be when I pointed out this issue to her. She must be embarrassed, anxious, feeling guilty, uneasy… I don’t know. By hook or by crook, she has to face this, no compromise. She must take responsibility for her deeds. I guess it is not a burden at all for the reason that I expect nothing much from her, but an honest clarification.

I got another look at the album, besides my pictures that secretly captured in every angle, there are a few photos of hers as well. Appearing at her picture, I thought to myself, what does this girl want from me? She seems really nice, harmless, very sweet, quiet, and I fairly respect her behaviour, politeness, and attitude. I recalled her word in the library that day. She said she has never been in love or liking someone, that she sees no point of the subject. I wonder in which direction this matter is...

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