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Watching a movie where hundreds of swimmers on a beach are in a complete panic because of shark attacks makes a person scared to swim in an ocean, lake, or even a pond. Not only movies, but also documentaries of shark attacks stress how dangerous sharks are. In reality, are sharks really that dangerous or is it how they are portrayed? Stephen R. Palumbi who is a Professor of Biology at Stanford University and also the Director at the Hopkins Marine Station at Stanford wrote an article about other animals living in the ocean that are more dangerous to humans than sharks. In fact, he has written books about creatures in the water such as The Death and Life of Monterey Bay, and The Evolution Explosion. In addition, his son Anthony R. Palumbi is a novelist and a science writer that has written for Atlantic and other publications (Princeton University Press 1). Together they co- authored an article titled “Forget Shark Week: They aren’t the only fish in the sea” that was published the Los Angeles Times.

The Palumbis’ article emphasizes how there are many more dangerous creatures in the ocean besides sharks. Even though people are crazy about Shark Week, they should be interested in finding out the different species that live within the water. Everyone is obsessed about sharks for the fact they think they are the most dangerous fish in the water, but there are scarier animals that swim below. As a result of the national concern about sharks, people get excited when Discovery Channel videotapes the annual show Shark Week. As Palumbi tries to prove their point that sharks are not the most dangerous animal in the water with using logos and ethos but they should have more pathos.

The Palumbis begin their tribute to the sharks by describing that they are not the most dangerous creatures in the ocean by using the rhetorical appeal of logos with facts and statistics to get their point across. For example, the shark is not the deadliest fish in the water. The deadliest predator is not even a shark like animal; it is totally different than can be imagined. The deadliest predator is the slender, demure cone snail. With one single jab from its tooth, it can shut down all muscle and nerve function in the human body, killing its victim within minutes (Palumbi 1). In addition, facts are provided such as the two largest creatures being the giant squid measuring thirty- three feet in length and the sperm whale measuring an overall length of up to 59 feet long. The fastest animal in the ocean is not the shark, but the sailfish with a record speed of 60 mph. Using these examples of logos the writers create a proud tone on explaining why they do not believe the shark is the most extreme fish in the ocean. However, Palumb think sharks are not the most dangerous I still believe that sharks are close to the deadliest fish in the water, even though they may not be the fastest, or really even the deadliest. From all the Shark Week documentation and shows that educate on...

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