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The Mystery Surrounding Tupac Shakur’s Death

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The difficulty and impossibility of someone faking their death and being successful in doing so is off the charts, but there is someone who possibly did it in 1996 that is still alive today. Tupac (2Pac) Shakur was widely known for his rap and hip hop music, but he was also an actor. Tupac Shakur died on September 13, 1996 (“2 Pac (Tupac) Planet”). It seemed like Tupac had beef with just about everyone and that he was easily offended. Part of that had to do with his rough upbringing. He had beef and controversy with many people; most commonly with rapper Biggie Smalls A.K.A. The Notorious B.I.G.. There was speculation and rumors that Biggie may have had a role in Tupac’s death. No one will ever know because both rappers are now deceased. There is unending controversy regarding the death of Tupac Shakur and the controversy that he is still alive is a constant ongoing debate.
There were several things that seemed suspicious about Tupac’s death, one being no one was ever arrested or charged with his murder. On September 6, 1996 at 11:05 p.m., Tupac and Suge Knight (Tupac’s producer) were cruising down the Las Vegas strip when police pulled them over for playing their stereo too loud and not properly displaying their license plates. After Suge and Tupac were let go by police they drove east on Flamingo Road where they stopped for a red light at Koval Lane, which is about a half a mile from the Las Vegas strip. A car pulled up a car-length ahead to the right and Tupac and Suge’s entourage were in a car behind them. Then, a jeep full of girls pulled up to the left of Suge and Tupac, which got their attention. Seconds after another car pulled up to the passenger side door of Suge and Tupac’s ride and unloaded gunshots at Tupac (“2 Pac (Tupac) Planet”). Tupac remained in critical condition for six days and he then died at age 25. Astonishingly, no one was ever charged or arrested for his murder because the assailants sped away from the scene. It’s mind blowing that no one was ever caught and charged with the murder because the cops were so close by right before the shooting happened because they had just pulled over Suge and Tupac. Some people say that the cops set it up so they wouldn’t have to deal with Tupac anymore.
Although Tupac supposedly died in the hospital after suffering multiple gunshot wounds, his death was never really confirmed. Normally whenever a celebrity or famous person is injured and sent to the hospital there are usually pictures released of them in a hospital bed or at the hospital. However, when Tupac was shot and hanging onto his life there were never any pictures taken. His mother, Afeni Shakur, did not let the hospital release any (“2 Pac (Tupac) Planet”). With no pictures or evidence of him in the hospital, speculation began to swirl around that his injuries may not have been that serious and that he wasn’t really in the hospital (possible publicity stunt).
Tupac was known to rap about dying and being buried in many of...

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